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Q: What is the scent of the antibacterial hand cream?
A: The antibacterial hand cream was formulated with juniper berry essential oil, giving off a subtle crisp and earthy note. The cream also contains undernotes of bergamot, offering a pleasant citrus scent.
Q: How strong is the juniper berry scent?
A: We kept the fragrance very subtle, making sure not to overpower the senses.
Q: Is the antibacterial hand cream non-toxic?
A: Yes, we are very particular about the quality of the ingredients we use for our products. All of our ingredients are cruelty free, non-toxic, paraben free, and sulfate free.
Q: What ingredients make up the antibacterial component of the hand cream?
A: As alcohol and alcohol derivatives can be extremely irritating to the skin, we formulated the hand cream to be completely alcohol free. We use benzalkonium chloride, witch hazel, colloidal silver and tea tree oil. 
Q: How often can I apply the antibacterial hand cream?
A: As often as you like! We recommend patch testing first, as some of the natural anti-bacterial components may be irritating for sensitive skin.
Q: What are the skin care benefits of the antibacterial hand cream?
A: Our luxurious hand cream will leave your skin feeling extremely soft, supple and hydrated. It is loaded with skin-loving ingredients including shea butter, hyaluronic acid, ceramide complex, niacinamide, sea kelp, aloe vera and calendula. 
Q: Can the antibacterial hand cream be used on other parts of the body?
A: Our antibacterial hand cream was formulated for the hands and other areas of the skin that are particularly dry, as it is a thicker cream-like consistency.
Q: Can men use the antibacterial hand cream as well?
A: Most definitely! The scent is versatile enough to be used by both men and women.